Edit Graduation

The Edit Graduation feature enables you to modify the already published graduation forms.



  1. Select a year in the Select Graduation Year field. The Select Graduation Date field appears.
  2. Select a date in the Select Graduation Date field. The published graduation form appears.
  3. Modify Graduation Date.
  4. Modify Description. The entered text will appear at the top of the graduation form.
  5. Modify Diploma Mailing Address Description. The entered text will appear above the mailing address section of the graduation form.
  6. In the Add Students section, modify the selected student records for publishing the graduation form.
    1. In the Select Group field, from the User Groups box, click to select the user group to be added and then click Add_Button.PNG (right arrow button) to add the user group. The selected user group is added and appears in the Selected Groups box.
      Blue_Exclamation1_Small.pngNote: In the Select Group field, from the Selected Groups box, click to select the user group to be removed and then click Remove_Button.PNG (left arrow button) to remove the user group. The selected user group is removed and re-appears in the User Groups box.
    2. In the Search Students field, click the Search link to add students individually. The Add Students pop-up window appears, refer to the Add Students section for further information.
      Blue_Exclamation1_Small.pngNote: In the Add Students section, to delete any of the added student records, click the check box corresponding to the students' name, and then click the Remove Student(s) link. The selected students records are removed.
  7. Click the Send Notifications link if you wish to send customized e-mail notification, instead of the default e-mail notification.
    Blue_Exclamation1_Small.pngNote: Click the Hide Notifications link to hide the section.
    1. Enter the Subject line.
    2. Enter the notification matter in the Body field.
  8. Click Publish to publish the graduation form.
    Blue_Exclamation1_Small.pngNote: Click Cancel to discard the publishing of the graduation form.

You have successfully published the graduation form.

Add Students

The Add Students feature enables you to add students to the record to be published.



  1. Enter information in any of the following fields—Student ID, Name Type, First Name, Last Name, Age, Gender, Class of Year, Academic Year, Grades, Course, Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Academic status, Leave of absence, Enrollment status, and Special Program.
  2. Click Find to search for relevant records. The records matching the search criteria appear in the subsequent section.
  3. Select the check boxes corresponding to the student records to be added, and click Add Selected to add the selected student records.
    Blue_Exclamation1_Small.pngNote: Click Add All to add all the student records included in the search result.
  4. Click Clear to reset the pop-up window. You can perform another fresh search to find relevant records.
  5. Click Close to quit the Add Students pop-up window.

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